Tangle Wood 2

Acrylic on Box Canvas
100cm x 70cm

My biggest woodland derived painting to date. Lots of texture and fluidity.

Here is a critique I received:

"This latest Framed Art of the Week comes from artist Mark H Wilson. The work of art featured is named ‘Tanglewood 2′, instantly a colourful celebration of nature. Find the finest details in the trunks of the trees that make up this ethereal painted forest, look up to see celestial pointing branches. At first glance, there is a strong sense of the abstract about this particular natural scene. One of the many attractive aspects about it are the variety of techniques used. Everything from an exciting splash of paint drops to large opaque leaves and stripes are used here to create drama. Serene twilight purples, midnight blues and pinks make up the medley of colour that also adds to this art work’s allure. It’s a must have for contemporary art and landscape collectors everywhere!" ~ Hema


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